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5 Ways To Make People Hit ‘Share’ On Your Site

Basically, the concept of sharing your site to the other social media platforms is to inform the people through the contents that you have. Of course, aside from informing, you also want to let the people know that your site exists in the social world. Well, credits to the web design Philippines that creates a friendly user site for the people to engage more actively.
To share, it is one of the things that one must not forget to do to have high and quality traffic on their site. Sharing is when you have to attract visitors and/or readers to socially engage with your site. It is also when your site will be disseminated – through sharing, to the masses. Well, it is easier done when we share our own site in all of social media platforms. But to let the people hit ‘share’ on our site, we just can’t deny that we have our own hard times in dealing with it.
To let the people share. Sometimes, it is easier said than done. Perhaps, we just miss some important points or factors that can make the people engage and willingly share our site in their other social media accounts. That means, we have to consider important tactics that can help boosts the engagements of the people.

1. Create content that people want to share


The first thing that you have to keep in mind if you want to gain more people to click ‘share’ on your site, you have to go back to the basics – that is to create an interesting and engaging content for your audience. People will definitely not be interested in sharing your site if you don’t have a good content even if you ask them to. You have to remember that the shares you will get from the people also depends on how intriguing and engaging your content will be.
Also, bloggers and/or marketers who have a lot of shares on their site maintains their credibility by having a quality contents for their readers. They don’t forget that what they want to impart to their readers will also give an impact on their site.
Take time to think and observe what people wants to learn more about the things that they still don’t know yet. And you will definitely have a good idea when you are active in the activities in the social media. Joining group discussions for example, is one of the things you can do to get an idea for your next topic on your site. Just make sure that the idea that you get from the group discussions is also worthy enough for you to share it on your site.

2. Making social sharing buttons very visible


A visible sharing buttons at the side or any other parts of the content, for as long as your readers and/or visitors will notice it, plays a big role in the part of making your readers hit ‘share’. It is also one way to encourage them to share it to their own social media accounts for the other people to also know about what your site is all about.
And especially when they like what they read on your site, of course, you don’t want to make your audience be dismayed for having a hard time finding your sharing buttons. And also, having a visible sharing button on your site can be one of the convenience of the readers to automatically share your site whenever they want to.

3. Target influential audience in social content


Knowing who are these people who can help you out in gaining more shares on your site is an advantage. These influential people have also their own blogs and/or contents that they have already published in the social media sites which also gain a lot of shares. And one way to get their attention is to include them in one of your contents. You can even quote them, if you think that what they said in the content is related to the topic that you have.
When you try to do this often, influential people that you are targeting will surely notice your site. Of course, they would want to repay you by sharing your site to their own social media accounts. And when you got to engage two or more influential people to hit ‘share’ on your site, the number of people who will also share your site will be doubled. That is why, you should not forget to include influential people on your lists.

4. Ask the readers to share the content through social channels


One of the strategies you can do to make your audience share your site, is to ask them to share the site that they have read on their own social networking sites. In this strategy, there are many bloggers may feel uncomfortable asking people to share their contents. But when you tend to go out of your comfort zone and start asking people to share your site, it will be an advantage for you and to that particular person who shared your content as well.
Of course, when asking, you have to target influential audience that is also capable of producing more people to hit ‘share’ on your site. In doing this strategy, you will notice that it can be one of the effective ways to gain more shares.

5. Leverage your personal, social circles

Being in a group or a social circle is one of your advantages when you are planning to gain more shares in your site. People in your circles don’t just help you in sharing your site, but they will also give you suggestions on what other things that can help boosts the popularity of your site. Not just the number of shares, but also on the number of people who are interested to share their personal insights regarding with your topic.
Also, always remember that when you have good and active members in your social circle, more and more people would also want to join in your group. And when they do, they will also help you in gaining more shares on your site. That is why, as a member, you also have to be responsible for your personal activities in the social media for you and the group to have a good reputation when it comes to the people who are also involved in the social circle.
As a person who is behind the successful site, you also have to remember that it is not just about having the most number of shares, but it is also about the content of your site that makes the people willingly shares your site. And of course, being active socially means you also have to nurture what is needed to be nurtured, and take that as one of your advantages to have a credible and trustworthy site.

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