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Using Videos on Landing Pages: Some Stats, Rules and Tricks to Know

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Recently, the use of videos has exploded exponentially, and for good reasons. There was a time when the utilization of such is avoided by some web developers if it means to slow down the entire website. That’s speaking from search engine optimization (SEO) perspective since site speed is now a ranking factor. Why use videos on landing pages Thanks to…

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6 Annoying Ad Techniques Advertisers Need to Avoid

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To advertise. That is the main purpose and duty of the marketers, right? Aside from establishing their brands and products, a digital marketing agency Philippines also aims to have higher earnings than their competitors. Well, who would not want to have higher profit than the other marketing agencies? Hence, marketers and/or advertisers came up a strategy where they can extend…

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The Problems With Flat Design and How to Solve Them

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Flat web design is here to stay despite the inherent issues that come with it! Nonetheless, the designs are not those that we came to know some five years ago. Flat designs are also maturing, requiring every web design Philippines-based provider to upskill to keep up with the improvements. In this article, we will dig deeper into these issues that…

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Mobile Apps are Winning Over Browsers

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For as long as I can remember, smartphones have been invading the mobile industry as innovated, as they seem. Manufacturers of such mobile operating systems like Apple and Android, are very much thriving knowing that the case is being set to a higher standard—especially now that mobile apps are more used by the consumers compared to that of the mobile…

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Perfect Examples of Good Calls to Action

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Calls to action present themselves as opportunities to escalate profitability and widen reach. While they are usually in tiny button formats, they serve as gatekeepers allowing the users to access the critical parts of the sites. These parts are where conversion happens. Calls to action are fundamental parts of web design in the Philippines and other parts of the globe….

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