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6 Reasons Why You Should Redesign Now

Let’s get down to business.

You’re still probably having second thoughts whether you should redesign or not. But, seriously? It might have been five or ten years since you made your website and did significant changes in it! Or maybe, your site is on the Internet for a couple of months or years but, sadly, you can’t picture any success in it. Do you still need an extra push for you to redesign your website? Well if you do, kindly read the following straightforward and plain reasons why you should do it as soon as you can a.k.a. NOW:

Redesign because your website is not giving you what you need

redesign-statsFirst of all, you invested in a website to help you with your business and goals, in marketing or promoting your products, services, or your brand itself. Unfortunately, your site is more of a loss than an asset, and it’s not as effective as how you envisioned it to be.
You need to generate leads or potential clients and customers but how will it happen if your visitors immediately leave your website because your site speed is slower than a turtle? Most visitors don’t have a luxury of time (or impatient) to wait for your site to load fully. Instead of waiting, your guests would probably leave your page and go to other sites.
Your website should be giving you numbers and results, and not a headache.

The design is not that good

It’s 2017 and the trends have changed a lot of times already. Don’t tell me you’re still using the groovy and eye soring texts. Because if you do, I hate to break it, but your website will not do any good.
Think of it as your website is your leads and customers gateway to your business or to your office itself. Imagine how your visitors would react upon seeing your site, entrance or facade. You should amaze your leads and customers by wowing them with fantastic web design and layout. You don’t want to hear them say “yuck” and turn their backs, right?
You should also redesign for the simple reason that even you are having a hard time navigating your website.
Adding more into that, you need to consider changing the photos and videos you are using. It should be in high quality or definition and should reflect what your business is all about. You should also check how it looks like on thumbnails or previews when your site is shared on social media. Entice them to click your page!

Redesign because your website is no longer up-to-date and accurate

The products and services displayed on your site are not being offered and had already been phased out. If not, the names or branding you used were too old-fashioned, and your visitors are not so familiar with those. You got to make sure the content in your website are updated and accurate.
The crucial thing to check are the contact details in your site. If they try to call you thru the number displayed, will it ring? Will your visitor get a reply if he or she sends you a message via email?
Third-party tools or apps like shopping cart widgets are supposed to help your visitors, but if they are already outdated and not working, you get to take action. The functions and applications embedded in your website should be perfectly working. Sometimes old tools and apps make your site speed slower too.
You have to respond to the call of times and come on, redesign now.

You need to make your website responsive

Picturing your site as your office or business’ facade, your visitors should have a good look at what you have and can deliver, and make them want to come back. How is it related to your website? Most people are using other gadgets than computers or PCs such as smartphones and tablets. There has been a study that more than 80% of Internet users own and use their smartphones when browsing the Internet. If your site is not mobile-responsive or friendly, it would be such a significant loss of possible customers. According to Google, 61% of visitors are most probably never going back to the page or website which doesn’t perform well on their mobile phones.
WebsiteYour website should focus on giving your visitors a good experience by making your page easy to use and navigate. It would also be a lot better if your site is interactive and not just plainly staring on your leads or customers. You need to have your site responsive and well operating on different operating systems and interfaces.
Hopefully, the answer to the question of whether you should redesign as soon as possible is getting clearer.

You need to improve the security of your site

settings-web-redesignAnother thing you should greatly consider is cyber security. You probably heard on the news that some government websites, thinking how “protected” it is, have been hacked. So what more with your old-designed site? Yes, you are more exposed and susceptible to website hacking and viruses. You should have a well-secured and protected site, especially if your page is offering online payments and probably storing customer data. You should invest in a good website as according to a study, after an attack 60% of small business are not able to survive and work well for more than six months.
If you have an experience of a potential attack, the more you should redesign and reprogram your website to the best possible ways and quality it could be.

Your website can be more search engine-friendly or optimized

Most of the clicks and visits take place to the first page of search results. Now, if your site is nowhere to be found in the first, second or even on the third page of search results, you should act quickly and update your site and have it optimized. You can always hire a reliable technology solutions group to help you with redesigning and making your page optimized for search engines.
Are you ready to have a more responsive, user-friendly, lead and customer generating website?

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