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9 Video Marketing Trends that Will Help Your Business Grow

“Marketing is no longer about the stuff that you make, but about the stories, you tell.” – Seth Godin

With the onset of technological advances in the 21st century, there seemed to be a drastic change in the practice of digital marketing. Before, marketers paid a high focus on the kind of material produced and the avenue on where it is shared. At present, this practice remains efficient and advisable, but it’s not everything.

Considering the varied information available online, people now have more options on what to consume and where to find them. As a result, one important determining factor that dictates who gets the market attention is the stories being shared online that appeal to the audience’s emotions. It’s exactly why we see a visible shift in how marketers shape their messages to fit people’s preferences.

According to a report made by Insivia, around 36% of online consumers trust the advertisement they see online, and about one-third of the entire online activity is spent by watching videos.

This should send out a message on how efficient it is to use videos to spread messages for businesses. Expert studies suggest that video production for marketing purposes will increase this year and dominate the online arena by 2020.

You don’t need to wait for 2020 to make the changes in your approach. By starting early, you get the advantage of experimenting with different strategies to see which material accumulates the best response. Below are the videos marketing trends expected to help entrepreneurs grow their businesses.

Social media distribution of video content

Watching videos through official streaming sites is mainstream, which is why companies must build their presence through avenues like Youtube. However, it’s not the only method. Now, more people are discovering the existence of videos through social media. For example, one person could share a Youtube video on Facebook, which another friend then shares to their circle.

By sharing your video content on different social media platforms such as Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook, you increase the chances of attracting more people to view your content.

360–degree videos

Ever since selfies have become mainstream and video publishing has become so comfortable, many people now take their videos to promote something. 360 – degree videos are among the most popular ones. They can be made using one’s mobile device. They can showcase the entirety of a place or product, which is why it comes in very handy for marketers who wish to share essential features of a product, such as its appearance and design.

Rise in Youtube engagement

If you compare the number of views from videos decades ago with that of today’s releases, you will see a significant difference regarding results.

Now, more people, especially millennials, are using videos to learn more about something. Moreover, watching videos is faster than reading an entire article with the same content.   With this increase, digital marketers must keep up with the trend and ensure that their outputs are engaging. Needless to say, they must be active in replying to comments and mentions too.

Rule of live streaming

Timeliness is crucial in any marketing endeavor. Being the first one to report about something increases your credibility and relatability among people who are interested in the information you share. Live streaming gets this done. For companies who wish to promote their products better, why not go live one of these days and connect with your customers in real-time?

Popularity of temporary content

There’s a reason why Snapchat has soared to popularity fast. Their content is not permanent and disappears in a twenty-four-hour period, creating a sense of urgency from their users. This psychological trick works wonders and is efficient, especially when trying to promote an offer for a limited time.

Storytelling through videos

We’ve pointed this out above. Sharing stories has become more popular because people like to hear them better. Stories are easier to relate to, and it’s more strategic from a marketing standpoint to provide content that consumers can easily sympathize with.

Plain text articles and images still do this well, but research and studies have proven that it’s best to upgrade your method by going for videos.

Email marketing through videos

Email marketing matters as they continue to become an efficient way for establishing professional connections with potential clients and reconnecting with long-time contacts that you haven’t heard from for some time.

But to ride the trend, it is seen to be more efficient to upgrade your email marketing campaign by using videos rather than plain text.

Rise of reaction videos or reviews

It might have all started as a random reaction video for fun, but judging from the increased number of people who make reaction videos on just about anything, we see how it’s ultimately changing the rule of the game in digital marketing.

Many people rely on product reviews before purchasing, and if they see many good public reviews about something, there is a higher chance they would go for it.

For marketers, it means using this new trend to make their products more enticing. Tapping popular video bloggers, for instance, could be an excellent way to spread awareness about your product.

Strategic incorporation of video ads to other videos

You must have been aware of it by now. When you usually open videos with high viewership, you are presented with a quick 30-second ad about a product. These companies pay for the ads, and true enough, they get more attention even from people who may not be among their direct market.

Apart from the current advertising strategies you may employ, it may now be a good move to shift your attention to video ads.

There is no denying that video has changed the arena for advertising and content marketing as a whole. The popularity of video content at present is still expected to rise for the coming years given the enhancements in digitalization.

For startup companies, hiring third-party entities can be a good move to improve one’s site ranking using the trends we have mentioned above. Take a closer look at your current strategies and see what needs to be enhanced. Then, recreate past content and turn them into videos!

Optimind offers various video-related services such as YouTube SEO, among others. Talk to us about how we can help your video marketing campaign.

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