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8 Tips for Better Emails

“Email has an ability many channels don’t: Creating valuable, personal touches – at scale.”David Newman

Digital marketing has taken different formats over the past few years. With the ease of social media sharing and the vast availability of free tools for creating quality content, marketers were able to devise unique strategies that make their content highly relevant to a particular group of people.

Despite the varied approaches we see in practice, some techniques remain widely useful across different industries. One of them is email marketing. Today, we’ll look into practical tips on how you can improve your email strategies to make them more relevant and catchy to your readers.

Create an atmosphere of Exclusivity

One can never underestimate the power of offering something exclusive. The consumers’ natural behavior is to respond positively to brand offers that make them feel like they belong to a close circle. It makes them feel special – important. In fact, it’s the whole point of why companies spend money and time creating a solid reputation online!

If you wish to have a robust market, it’s your responsibility to always give them the best. An excellent example of this exclusivity is Apple’s timely emails announcing the release of their new product. Before the day of the official release, they send an email to their subscribers, giving the gist of the product’s awesome features as well as the option to pre-order that comes with special offers like free shipping.

They also encourage those who don’t want to purchase online to visit their nearest Apple retail store for a particular period to make their personal purchase. By providing the perimeters and limit, avid Apple consumers always feel like they are part of a particular group that the company prioritizes over the rest.

Share positive ratings, testimonials, and reviews to your followers

There’s nothing wrong with sharing your good performance with your subscribers. In fact, it will most certainly boost your trust factor. In a post published by KISSmetrics, it is said that approximately 70% of Americans check product reviews before actually making their purchase. This speaks a lot of how consumers rely on social proof to dictate their regular buying practices.

If your brand or company has received high ratings or reviews on a trusted review site, then don’t hesitate to share the information with your followers in email format.

Humanize your brand by adding a personal touch to your emails

Sending a message straight to one’s inbox is a personal thing. People receive personal messages through their email, so it’s only appropriate that you talk to your subscribers as a person. It is easy to get tempted to use prepared templates to send out messages, but more often than not, these templates lack the personal touch you need to create sufficient rapport with your audience. More importantly, a lot of entrepreneurs, especially the startup ones may have already used the same templates to send out their email marketing campaigns.

If you wish to be more personal, creating a unique and original one is more efficient.

Make your emails an opportunity to avail of free downloads

Aside from building rapport and developing regular communication with your clients, emails are also efficient for sharing files.

It’s an efficient mechanism to give something back to your subscribers for FREE! Instead of merely sending an announcement of a product launch complete with captivating graphics, why not include a downloadable file that they can use to get the full specs and features of the new item?

Be clear on your call-to-action. Tell your readers how to proceed.

Most of your email recipients don’t have the luxury of time to figure out what to do next on the information you shared unless you make it clear.

If you’re announcing an upcoming product release, then your email must be accompanied by information such as a free sign-up button to be eligible for certain perks, a direct link for online pre-order, and more.

In as much as how you might want to keep the mystery and excitement up, clarity takes precedence, especially for the digital audience who are always on the go. Should you want to encourage your audience to do something, be sure to explicitly set some instructions they can quickly follow through email.

Add buttons

Embedding a link to your email content is one effective way to lead your customers to specific website pages containing your recent product openings. But research suggests that a more efficient way to do this is to use buttons that readers can quickly click.

The buttons can be in the form of an arrow pointing to a link, a bright colored button contrasting the white background space, or a 3D button for added emphasis.

It’s a common instinct to click buttons, and you can use this to ensure that subscribers are the first to discover your recent product upgrade.

Draw out a smile to your readers faces by giving out something of value

Whether you believe it or not, making your users happy doesn’t require sophisticated analysis and long-winded case studies.

If you give them something useful and for free, there won’t be any reason why they will not avail of it. A good example would be sending them a free coupon code for any Amazon purchase. Using the coupon code, they can avail of a specific discount percentage per purchase.

Needless to say, you will have to give a short indication or introduction on why you are giving them the discount opportunity. You can thank them for their avid support of your product, for actively participating in a social media campaign, and more.

Ride the trend with a crafty marketing message

Trends matter because they are timely. And digital marketing, timeliness is always an advantage. Stay updated with what’s trendy and seek opportunities where you can creatively incorporate a catchy message that embodies your brand.

If you’re affiliated with bigger brands, for instance, you may always time your email marketing during a major product launch or event.

By being one with the trend, you are making your brand relevant to your readers’ needs.

Digital marketing is a mainstream practice. It’s necessary for product promotion and is a must for companies who wish to build more long-lasting relationships with their audience. Even the practice of web design in the Philippines recognize the importance of consistent, efficient email marketing to keep the website active.

No matter how good the design, the ultimate measure of its efficiency is the traffic, it gets from organic and unique visitors.

Maximize the use of emails and keep your solid fanbase intact!

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