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8 Content Creation Techniques to Amaze Your Audience

A lot of experts have argued that since content is king in digital marketing, it’s only deserving that you pay close attention to how it’s crafted to ensure that it reaches the right market at the right time.

But on the other side of the equation, we see another group of experts who argue that the reign of content as kind in the digital marketing platform is numbered, over even. With the emergence of social media and advanced SEO tools for boosting one’s presence on search engines, many believe that content can be promoted effectively as long as you have mastered the ways on how to optimize it for search engine purposes.

But while excellent SEO application is crucial, there remains no better substitute for providing high-quality content that is relevant, beneficial and timely for your readers. Today, we’ll look into ten techniques that are guaranteed to amaze your audience with the content you make.

Create killer headlines

It’s either you nail it on your headlines, or you don’t.

Saying that headlines dictate whether or not your content gets read by select readers is not an understatement. In the digital age where information are shared at lightning speed per second, it is easy to have your content buried beneath the rest unless you make it stand out.

And how else can you make it stand out than by creating a catchy title that your readers can’t help but click?

Create longer content with quality information

The shorter, the better.”

It’s a statement you might have heard of when creating your content calendar and planning out specific blog posts for your website. In the past, SEO specialists may have encouraged creating shorter content as this is easier to digest and is fit for digital readers who are often on-the-go and lack enough attention to stay focused on one page without getting distracted.

However, current online marketing strategies Note that this may not necessarily be the best practice. Short entries are often perceived as lacking and unreliable especially for topics that require in-depth data to be fully understood.


Craft a punching introduction and keep it short

It’s easy to get carried away by the information we want to share and end up talking big about it in our introduction. However, effective posts are those direct-to-the-point ones that give your readers an idea of what to expect from the entire post.

Always keep in mind that good introductions are:

  • Catchy
  • Concise
  • Clear

Talk to your readers as an individual rather than a group

Imagine talking to someone and telling him or her about your brand. It doesn’t have to be straight on selling. Rather, it must be engaging enough to keep the attention of your listener glued on your message. It’s a basic in storytelling.

It will also help to add a bit of personality when crafting a post. How is it relevant to your readers? What makes the information you wish to share unique and a must-read. Understanding what a particular person in your market wants makes your messaging even more efficient.

Make it share-worthy by knowing the trends

Trends are easily noticed. But the tricky part is, they also don’t last that long. One trend now may not necessarily be that popular week from now. Part of a digital marketer’s job is to maintain awareness of the trends in the society and spot areas which might be used to promote one’s brand.

By riding the trend and crafting a message that features your brand’s best assets, you are increasing your chance of being visible and shareable to your primary target market.

Provide content upgrade options

Readers like it when they are given something more than what they ask for. We commonly know this as value added item. It can come in different forms, but the following are the most common ones:

  • PDF format of your featured content
  • Checklist or a bullet-point summary of your content.
  • Templates
  • Downloadable advanced version of your current post

Upgrade Content

Use figures, case studies, statistics, etc.

They say that 99% of people would consider reading the rest of this sentence because it starts with a statistical record.

But while this may not be true, it’s undeniable how official records, numbers, demographics, and figures add authority to your content. For readers who are looking for information, reading something backed by official documents makes your content more believable.

Invest time in creating captivating images and visualization

Studies reveal that a human brain can process images faster than plain text, which explains why we remember information better when we see an accompanying image on it. To create stunning images, you can use tools like Canva, Adobe Photoshop or Illustrator to visually present information.

Creating captivating images and visualization

Make your content the solution to a problem

People search online to be entertained. But more often than not, they read entries online to find a solution to need. It’s the digital marketer’s golden opportunity. It is your opportunity. You can be the solution to your readers by providing the following:

  • How-to guide on how to do something
  • A comprehensive presentation of your case study or research
  • Screenshots or videos as a tutorial

Content solution

Spur emotions and convey a positive message

According to research, content that evokes emotion has higher chances of getting shared compared to those that only present plain data. People’s relationship bank on emotions. So it’s imperative for digital marketers to understand what makes a certain group of people go gaga over something.

Strong emotions that can be presented in various types of content involve joy, sadness, anxiety, pity and more. Another good example would be to showcase positive things. As you might have observed in social media, positive quotes, inspirational stories and things that encourage others to achieve something get better engagement across various media platforms.

Creating high-quality content is crucial in any of your digital marketing endeavors. At present, there are a lot of SEO company in the Philippines that assists ventures in building a trusted reputation online. Recalibrate your content presentation and apply the techniques we have on the list to attract more readers!

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