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All about Fonts on websites

Several clients have asked our guidance about the best type and size of font for their site. The answer is, there is no best type and size. Types are limited to certain fonts that are supported by the operating system (Mac, Windows or Linux). As for font sizes, the standard for web browsers would be 11px or 12px but that is just for web browsers. Nowadays, we have to cater to the iphone, pda, and other mobile devices.
Survey of supported font types

. Info sourced by Codestyle.
Font name

Microsoft Sans Serif 99.40%
Arial Black 96.85%
Franklin Gothic Medium 96.79%
Palatino Linotype 96.33%
Verdana 95.97%
Comic Sans MS 95.44%
Arial 95.40%
Lucida Console 95.29%
Courier New 95.14%
Impact 95.02%
Tahoma 94.95%
Sylfaen 94.19%
Trebuchet MS 93.66%
Lucida Sans Unicode 91.57%
Georgia 89.18%
Arial Narrow 86.02%
Century Gothic 83.63%
Bookman Old Style 83.06%
Times New Roman 82.80%
Vrinda 82.57%
Kartika 82.36%
Book Antiqua 82.07%
Monotype Corsiva 81.14%
Garamond 76.72%
Lucida Sans 75.65%
Haettenschweiler 70.15%
MS Reference Sans Serif 67.74%
Bradley Hand ITC 59.12%
Papyrus 58.92%
French Script MT 58.32%
Tempus Sans ITC 58.12%
Edwardian Script ITC 57.11%
Franklin Gothic Book 57.11%
Franklin Gothic Medium Cond 56.91%
Perpetua 56.91%
Copperplate Gothic Light 56.71%
Lucida Bright 56.71
Curlz MT 56.51%
Engravers MT 56.31%
Franklin Gothic Demi 56.31%

As you can see, only a few have 90% or more supporters. The recommended is to use the fonts with 90% or more installations. Other fonts maybe used using an image or a flash container.

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