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4 Reasons to Use White Space When Designing for the Web

Any web design company Philippines would know what white space is. If done right, white space can benefit the design in many ways. Don’t reduce white space. Instead, put as much white space as strategically possible. Below are some of the benefits. Before we proceed to the benefits though, we might as well revisit the definition of white space. White…
Jennevie Tanzon-Corre
September 5, 2014
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Perfect Examples of Good Calls to Action

Calls to action present themselves as opportunities to escalate profitability and widen reach. While they are usually in tiny button formats, they serve as gatekeepers allowing the users to access the critical parts of the sites. These parts are where conversion happens. Calls to action are fundamental parts of web design in the Philippines and other parts of the globe.…
Jennevie Tanzon-Corre
August 4, 2014

Understanding Mobile App Indexing by Google

Just recently, Google announced that it will index more mobile app contents. This means Google will modify how app results are displayed during a search thereby benefiting those who have applications installed on their mobile devices. These app users will see more relevant app contents when they hit ‘search.’ This means huge for the already flourishing mobile app development industry.…
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Minimalist Web Design: Advantages, Disadvantages and How to Achieve It

Minimalism is defined as a style or technique characterized by extreme simplicity and sparseness. Any digital marketing agency in the Philippines and elsewhere understands what a minimal web design is. However, not all web designers are open to the idea of creating one simply because they believe that simple designs are unattractive. We will discuss in this article why these…
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Worth-Knowing and Implementing Digital Marketing Trends in the Philippines

Before we discuss the current (and perhaps, the future) digital marketing trends in the Philippines, it would be best first to understand the local digital landscape. There will be two parts of this discussion, namely the current state of digital marketing in the country and the current digital marketing trends. Importance of following digital marketing trends While some are passing…

Love and Hate Relationship of Paid Search (SEM) and SEO

Users click on a paid search ad that answers search query, mentions a familiar brand, appears above the organic search results, and has a compelling title, description, and image Organic SEO is the primary source of trackable web traffic at 53%, while paid search accounts to 27% Users prefer to click organic results instead of adverts, though 15% of all…