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Blog comment spamming

By December 17, 2008June 20th, 2018News, SEO

This morning, my SEO manager pointed me to a post about using blog comment spamming techniques as part of an SEO campaign. My company handles the SEO for the mentioned website – flowers express ( a site that sells and delivers flowers to the Philippines) – together with other LBC websites. I would like to apologize to Abe Olandres of Yugatech again for any problems my team would have caused him and would also like to thank him for raising this issue. I wouldn’t have found out about us using generic comments if it weren’t for this post. In the first place, if comment spamming is my goal, I would’ve just purchased a software to make it automated and not hire 10 people to do this.

With this said, we are trying to find out more ethical ways to do SEO. As much as we want our blog comments not to be tagged as spam, they will still look like spam because we’re using keywords as the blog commenter’s name.

Rest assured, we are hardly working on this issue and have already implemented stricter rules in blog commenting for our campaigns.

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