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Website Review and Planning for the new year ahead

Long holidays are the best times to review and plan your next strategy. While your competitors are relaxing and away on vacation, work on your strategy and execute them before your competitors go back to work.
One of the things you should reflect on is your website (since the web is almost the best marketing channel you’ve got). Below are some review pointers for your website:

  • Are you getting the right inquiries from your website?
    Or are you even getting any? If you’re not, you might want to check your web statistics. It usually comes with your hosting package or you can install Google Analytics on your website for free. If you are getting decent visits to your site and not getting inquiries, you might want to look at the content and the layout if its designed for conversion and if you are following usablity principles.
  • Is the information on your site updated?
    Its a common problem for corporate websites to display outdated contact information on the site. Check if all your current promotions and service/product rates are updated. Check if your external links still exist.
  • Is your website cross-browser compatible?
    You maybe a Mac guy like me and loves using safari to surf. Unfortunately, everyone has different preferences. So your website should be tested on all major browsers: Safari, Firefox, Internet Explorer and Google Chrome. Most of the time, javascript validations and variable layouts cause browser incompatibility issues. If your website’s contact form turned out not to work on a certain browser, chances are you might loose some valuable leads from your website.
  • Are you mobile-ready?
    Its not just getting ready for mobile phones, its getting ready for different types of mobile devices. With the invention of the iPhone and with WiFi everywhere, chances are some people will be surfing using smaller browser screens. Just make sure your website still looks and functions the same even on smaller screens like Safari on iPhone. Most modern web and mobile browsers can display the sites correctly as long as it is forming a valid XHTML. You can use a W3C validator tool to check if your site is valid.
  • Can your website be found on search engines?
    This is the most important point you should consider. If your website cannot be found by people looking for your products or services online, then it doesn’t serve its purpose (marketing-wise). Try researching about SEO or hire an SEO company to do the work for you.
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