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Digital Marketing Case Study – Guide to Executing your own Digital Marketing campaign

Digital Marketing Case Study – Hizon’s Catering

How Hizon’s Catering, a local catering company in the Philippines, used the power of digital marketing to improve its sales.

Hizon’s Catering generates most of its leads from online campaigns. Majority of the events that Hizon’s Catering caters to are wedding events. This video shows how their target customer engages with their company at different phases in their wedding planning process.

A Holistic Digital Campaign

Hizon’s Catering utilized almost all aspects of digital marketing to reach out to their customers. The result? Sales jumped by more than 50% in a span of 1 year.

Website Redesign and Restructuring

To start with the campaign, Optimind simplified their website and integrate it with the right analytics software to monitor how the new website layout and flow performs. We made sure that people who are visiting their website can access information that they are looking for easily and that call to actions are in the proper place.

Search Engine Optimization

Upon launching the newly redesigned site, we feel that Hizon’s catering is now ready for getting targeted visitors through search engine optimization (SEO). We carefully researched the keywords that we will be targeting and proceeded with SEO. In as little as 2 months, some keywords are already appearing on the first page of search results. Today, Hizon’s Catering dominates the search results with their target keywords.

facebook app and mobile apps

We didn’t stop at SEO, we moved forward with Social Media Marketing

Optimind utilized Facebook to keep in touch with their target customers. Starting with regular posting of useful information for soon-to-wed couples, we are now posting information even for Kid’s parties. Inquiries from their Facebook page tripled within 1 year of executing this strategy.

Facebook Application Campaign

Optimind developed a Facebook application that helps soon-to-wed couples plan their wedding online. The application was a hit with an average of 135 registrations everyday from the time of launching.

Hizon’s Catering, Anytime and Anywhere – the Mobile Application

Upon realizing the success of the Facebook campaign, Optimind and Hizon’s Catering developed a mobile app that soon-to-wed couples in the Philippines may use for planning their big wedding. It contains Venue directory that’s integrated with the mobile device’s map software and GPS for directions, and features from the successful facebook app.

The Results

  • 300% increase in daily Facebook inquiries
  • 800% increase in organic visits
  • 50%+ increase in overall sales

What’s Next?

From a year of studying Hizon’s Catering’s website visitor behaviors, we are now ready to launch the next version of their website. We are also coming up with the iOS version of their mobile app as well as an upgraded version of the Android application.  Here’s a preview of the new Hizon’s Catering website:
web redesign of hizon's catering

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