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Google AdWords Changes: What You Need To Know

Ever since the Internet took off many years ago, the fields of marketing and advertising have also changed dramatically. Google AdWords has been at the forefront of online advertising, providing a way for advertisers to reach their target market online.
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Google has never been one to sit back and relax – its many products and services are constantly being updated and changed. In typical Google style, there are a bunch of changes to AdWords which was recently launched on April 22. Below are some of these changes to help you get acquainted with them.

  • ads, advertisementAds for apps. Apps are all the rage these days and the goal is to have as many people download and install your app. Hence, what companies are now aiming for is to advertise their respective apps so that a lot of people will download and install it. An app that has a lot of downloads is a success, making the mobile app developer’s time and effort on the app worth it. With the new Google Adwords, app promotion is more prevalent in search ads, YouTube, and Google Display Network. Searches that you make result to more relevant ads.
  • App engagement. Aside from aiming for better app promotion which would result in a higher number of app downloads, Google AdWords will also hopefully increase engagement and retention once the app has been downloaded. The goal is not just for the app to be downloaded and installed, but for the app not to be uninstalled for quite some time. This is done by showing relevant ads that take the user to an installed app so that you limit the risk of your app being downloaded, installed, and then immediately uninstalled.
  • App conversion measurement. For a business, measuring how effective an advertising campaign is, is very important. Knowing a particular campaign’s conversions and how it is getting those conversions will help them in designing succeeding advertising campaigns. Any digital marketing agency knows the significance of having the ability to measure conversions accurately and this is provided well by AdWords.
  • Improved and advanced reporting features. Google AdWords has finally made huge changes to reporting features. This will hopefully help improve data analysis as well that will help in understanding user behavior and designing better ad campaigns. One of the changes that contribute to these improved and advanced reporting features is the ability to manipulate data within AdWords itself as if you are using Excel. There is less need to download your data and transfer it to Excel just to manipulate it and come up with a report that makes sense. The reporting tool is also made easy to use with the drag and drop capability that everyone is so familiar with these days. Graphing capabilities with bars, lines, and pie charts are also available.
  • Testing platform. Designing an advertising campaign is not easy, but AdWords make it hassle-free by allowing live testing and tweaking of campaigns. Once you have designed and created your ad campaign, you can test it on live traffic so you can tweak it as needed. Some of the usual tweaks made are times and locations, kinds of ad formats, different keywords, and many more. This will help a company gain insight on market data and will help them create an ad campaign that has higher chances of success before fully implementing it.
  • Bulk actions. Say goodbye to doing tedious tasks in AdWords, because bulk actions are well-supported. This will allow big companies that run thousands of ads to apply various set-ups and do a variety of tasks with just a few clicks. 

Google Adwords: Changes need to know

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