What are the new features of Klout?

By February 17, 2014SMO

Klout has become just a little bit more proactive in its quest to help people become known for what they love. The new version of Klout, while still continuing to act as a mirror or gauge of popularity, now adds a strong focus on content quality through its additional features – content creation, scheduling, and measuring.

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Creating Content

Klout recognizes the value of content quality when it comes to audience impact and the value put on content is even more emphasized with how the new Klout allows users to create content. The app is now offering to help users select content that will generate interest in their followers. The new Create tab allows users to see not just random trending articles or posts, but posts that will most likely strike your friends’ and followers’ fancy. Klout’s new create content feature takes into consideration the people you are connected to, so the articles or posts you will be seeing when you go to the Create tab targets not just you, but your audience as well.

You can help improve your own content stream by giving a thumbs up or a thumbs down on some articles or posts that show up. Do not limit yourself to what you will initially see because you can also easily add topics to curate content about.

To provide better perspective while consuming content on Klout, four tags are now used: On the Rise, which is content that is about to trend; Crowd Pleaser, which is content that people in your network are interested in; Hidden Gem, which is content that have not been seen yet by people in your network; and Hot off the Press, which is content that is recently published.


Content, no matter how good, will not be useful unless you share it for others as well. Once you have chosen the content you want to curate, you can simply share it to other people by posting it on your Facebook or Twitter. But you do not want to flood your own Facebook timeline or Twitter feed – hence, Klout has included a scheduling feature so you can distribute the content you want to share.

While going through the articles and posts while in Klout, it may be tempting to share every article that interests you. With Klout’s scheduling feature, you can do this without spamming your social networks.


With these additional features, the Klout score becomes more accurate as you share content and catch the interest of your audience. As a Klout user, the goal is to improve your Klout score. The Klout score remains unchanged – a number between 1 and 100 – and the higher your score is, the better.

With its years of experience working on developing topic graphs and social data, Klout has provided a way for you to analyze your own Klout activity. The Measure section lets you view the activity on each of your posts and that post has affected your Klout score.

More features

Klout is not done yet, by all means. More additional features are on the horizon for users, particularly in the Measure section. Soon, you will also be able to have access to click tracking, reach, and reaction metrics. Other tools geared towards content creation will also be available for Klout users soon.

If you are one of the many users of the highly popular Pinterest and Instagram, Klout is definitely in this league and is aiming to be the ‘content’ version of such sites. Klout can become a huge tool especially for those who are into actual content creation because the Klout platform is a great way to get ideas for content especially since it gives you insight on which content your audience is most interested in. Also, these changes and new features put more significance on the Klout score and paint a better picture of what it is really about.

new features of Klout

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