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8 Web Design Tips that Boost Conversion

Before you hire a web design Philippines service provider, you should first identify why do you need a website and what exactly does it do. Some businesses build a site to grow their email list. Others want people to check out their goods and make a purchase. When a user completes these things, then a website successfully makes a conversion.
Each website has a unique conversion because companies have different goals. If you wish to define your conversion, you must first identify your targets for your website. When people come to your site, what’s the first thing you want them to do? What do you want to offer to the audience? These are a few of the questions you must answer before working with a web design agency. Answering these questions leads you to desired actions you want for your website.
Once you determine your goals, you can measure its effectivity through conversion rate. According to Wordstream, the conversion rate is the percentage of your site visitors that completed a desired action – in this case, your goal (conversion) – out of the total number of visitors. Knowing your conversion rate is essential in business and marketing planning. Thus, you must be aware which factors affect your conversion rate to get more people to do what you want them to do.

How does web design affect your conversion?

Web design is one of the factors that affect your conversion rate. OptinMonster on their “11 Web Design Principles that Will Boost Your Conversion Rate” stated that almost half of users base a website’s credibility on site design. The information came from a study by Stanford University. With that in mind, Adobe did a survey that showed 38% of people leave the site if it’s unattractive. Thus, you won’t get the traffic or revenue you are aiming for if your site design sucks.

What are the web design tips that boost conversion?

Often, your website design is overlooked. You are focused on giving the best experience and the fastest service to your clients that you miss out on getting help from a web design company. A web design Philippines company would know what the rules that can help you increase your conversion rate by creating a seamless design are.
Still, your website design can be a personal project. If you wish to revamp your site and give it a new look to raise your conversion rate, then here are the web design tips you can try and follow. These tips also apply to UX designers and website designers who want to come up with efficient designs.

Get inspired with minimalist design

Minimalism is not only for home decor and lifestyle changes. It also applies to the concept of web design. To achieve a minimal look, you must only use elements with simple features. These are less distracting and blends seamlessly into the background. It also works perfectly with bright colors.
At the same time, minimalism thrives in white space. You must give your elements space to breathe and flourish. You must also embrace the flat design concept. Though they are less fancy, they are still functional and provide the best user experience to those who don’t want fonts and big design schemes.

Use the white space

The white space of a page is also the negative space. It is the are between the sidebars, content, header, text, and paragraphs. Usually, these places are vacant. Keeping them free makes the website appear neat, organized, and easy to read.
But, you should take the rules of maintaining white space to heart. To boost the impact of your website to the user, you must combine the positive and negative areas. It positively affects user experience and presents ideas more effectively than placing everything on one side.

Here are other things you can do to maximize white space:

– Increase the space between letters when using a small font.
– The line-height must be 150% of the font size for the body copy. If you are working with a small font, you must use larger than usual line-height.
– Add white space between large elements of the site using margins and padding.
– Break up your long text into small paragraphs to make them readable.

Be consistent in using elements

Inconsistency can destroy your web design. It also contributes to poor design and branding. Using different font styles, sizes, and incorporating various types of images on your site shows you are unprofessional. Consistency is not limited to these items. It must also cover the colors your use as well as the logos you place on your site.
You should have a set of fonts, color palette, and types of images to use. You should set specific fonts for titles and headings. Meanwhile, you should assign a color based on background. Doing these ensures you have a uniform design that matches your branding.

Pick the right colors

Colors are powerful. They capture the user’s attention and influence their behavior. Each color illicit a specific reaction from those who see it. Thus, having the right colors can represent your brand and dictate the mood of your website.
You should use contrasting colors to show off the essential elements of your site. These are banner headlines, a call-to-action button or other messages. As much as possible, these elements must stand out from the rest of the site. They must be attractive and easy to remember. Using high contrasting colors helps you do that. Meanwhile, highlighting colors are best for the things you want users to remember.

Aim for the least amount of clicks

Make life simple. It should be easy for your users to get the information or complete the action they wish to accomplish with only a few clicks. It shouldn’t be a challenge for your visitors to understand your web design.
Simple navigation should be part of your web design. When things aren’t readily available, people might abandon your website for those that can provide what they need in a matter of seconds. It can increase your bounce rate and convince users to visit other sites instead. You should always test your site before anything else. Think of how it would be if you were the visitor. Stepping into a different perspective helps you find which parts of your design work and which don’t contribute at all.

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Practice the Rule of Thirds

The Rule of Thirds is a principle of photography, but you can use it to generate a great web design. The principle shows a division of the image both horizontal and vertical into thirds. The result gives you nine equal square and four intersections.
These intersections are also places of interest. When you place elements in these points, you can have the most impactful designs or images. You should place important messages, buttons, and compelling messages on this points if you want high conversion rate. If you do put your design conversion factors on these points, you must keep other items off the intersection to keep the user focused on one thing only.

Work with an F-Layout

Researchers found that people look from left to right when looking at the beginning of a page. Their eyes move downwards with a few glimpses to the right. The bottom right of the page gets the least visibility of all areas of the page. The movement of the eye results in an F-pattern.
The behavior is helpful in encouraging conversions. Similar to the Rule of Thirds, you can place the most important elements along the F-pattern. Those that aren’t as important as other stuff can occupy the areas with low visibility.

Include faces to build a connection

Faces show human emotions. Including on your webpage makes people empathize and connect with it. Thus, people can easily resonate with your messages, product, or services when there’s a model on the screen. Be sure to add faces on your articles, case studies, testimonials, opt-in pages, and landing pages to double its impact.
To have photos of people, you can use stock photos if you don’t have a model. If it’s a personal brand, you can hire a photographer to take shots of you with negative space on a side.

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Getting the right web design for your website comes from understanding your audience. When you know how they behave and react, you get to implement a design that suits their needs while effectively captures their attention. Fortunately, other marketing agencies and universities already made studies to understand online behavior patterns. The studies resulted in these tips which you must practice for high conversion rates this 2018.

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