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How a Social Media Advertising Agency Can Help Your Brand Succeed in 2024

Organic social reach is becoming harder and harder to come by. It is also getting scarier to transition from an organic social media marketing strategy into a paid strategy. It might mean exhausting the financial resources for the desired results. Therefore, it is critical to understand the options before foraying into a particular social media marketing tactic.

In a 2018 survey, it was found that businesses usually obtain social media marketing resources in-house, through social media software, and via a social media advertising agency. About 28% of all companies rely on an agency to drive their social media marketing efforts.

That was in 2018, yet the role of a social agency has become more indispensable during the coronavirus pandemic when people一or the consumers一had to stay home. The digital landscape, especially social media, has never been the same. 

Social media has become the bridge that connects brands and their target market. So the question now is: 

How can a social media advertising agency help brands succeed further in 2024? 

Primarily, a social media advertising agency can 

  • build a branded campaign from scratch or
  • take over the present underperforming social campaign 

If this is your first time building a campaign, an agency can definitely help you every step of the way. Or, if there are any unsuccessful areas of the ongoing campaign, the agency can also analyze and create a list of recommendations.

Moving forward, a social advertising agency can do these for you. 

1) A social media advertising agency aids in determining which products to sell if you haven’t decided which products or services to focus on.

These products hold the highest value and can generate the highest profits. An agency can help determine your best-selling products or take average-selling products into best-sellers. Of course, the goal is to feature products that can generate conversions and sales.

2) A social media advertising agency helps choose the right creative platforms.

Social media platforms present certain opportunities, but they also have limitations. The workaround is getting creative around such constraints and challenges, including grabbing the users’ attention, making products and services take center stage, and navigating channels and screens. An agency would know how to capture that 1.7-second attention span, capture the product and make it shine despite enlisting the help of influencers, for instance, and create ads for mobile devices.

3) A social media advertising agency supports content creation and publication.

Content helps in increasing brand awareness, building relationships, and boosting conversions. Content is also what separates your brand from the competition. Social content is incredibly demanding because of the constant flow of content on the user’s feeds. If the content is not your strong point, you might as well let the agency do it for you. There are many things to consider when creating and publishing content, and some of them are:

  • Some content can be used across various social channels, whereas some channels have unique content requirements (image dimensions, captions, other text formats, etc.)
  • Each social media platform has its best practices for publishing content that receives the most engagement, the type of content that gets the highest engagement, etc.
  • Social media advertising generally follows specific rules, such as the 30/30/30 rule or 30% of content about the brand, 30% about others, and 30% about other engage-worthy content. 
  • Social platforms also have their etiquette when brands interact with their target audience.

Creating social media content is just one part of the equation一the other is content publication. Streamlining and simplifying the process is a welcome idea for publishing content. Creating a content calendar and scheduling posts and updates is critical at this point. 

Real-time brand monitoring is essential so that the scheduled content will not clash with topical events. The agency should be aware of the current events affecting the brand and its target consumers and change the content when the needs arise. Overall, an agency is not just safeguarding the content production and publication but also the brand’s reputation.

Whatever strategy and tactics are implemented, the entire social campaign must be geared towards providing consumers with something valuable. The content should propel the customers to start conversations with the brand. 

4) A social media advertising agency assists in improving ad performance.

A social campaign is measured based on ROAS or return on advertising spend. This can tell brands whether their current campaign is producing the expected returns. If not, it means the campaign and, specifically, the ads could use a little help from the agency. In addition, it will analyze and establish areas that should be improved, including the types of ads used and the social platforms within which these ads appear. 

Three of the most important aspects here are: 

  • audience targeting,
  • quality score improvement, and
  • engagement optimization.

Audience targeting means zoning in on target demographics such as age, gender, occupation, and interest. Nonetheless, you should target customers based on a clear persona to target them better and more accurately. In addition, make sure that you are targeting prospective and existing customers. While all these are basic, only a social agency can help you conduct keyword research to make social advertising more optimized and cost-effective.

Quality score improvement indicates the quality of keywords and advertisements. Quality score is essential in paid social advertising as well. High-quality scores mean a higher ad ranking. This is important to get more impressions while lowering the cost per engagement. The reality is that brands are paying for engagement, and you want to maximize the returns for expenses. An agency understands how quality scores work and how to improve them for maximum impact and value.

Engagement optimization pertains to optimizing the ads so that more users would interact with the ads. Each interaction is an engagement that drives conversions and, thus, sales and profits. Social advertising agencies eat, sleep and breathe optimization, including paid social ad optimization. They know what they are doing, helping you publish ads that guarantee the highest engagement rates possible.

As a digital marketing agency that has been in the business for almost 20 years, Optimind knows what it takes to make a brand succeed through social media marketing. Ask us how!

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