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6 SEO Mistakes You Must Avoid at All Costs

Search engine optimization (SEO), Philippines-oriented or any campaign implemented worldwide, is not without difficulties. Even the experts experience the challenges from time to time especially every after an algorithm (before Google announced Panda would be real-time). However, one cannot afford not to do SEO because its value is immense and profound. When doing SEO, however, you need to do it…

Your Links Should Never Say ‘Click Here’

Have you ever experienced wanting your readers click the link you wanted them to see but you do not know how to do it right? Say you are giving them a link about mobile app development, but you are torn if the words you used are good enough to be noticed or you are tempted to use the words ‘click’ and…
September 22, 2014

Posting links to sites with nofollow tag

As an SEO company, our goal is to increase the rank of the websites we handle on major search engines. One of the factors is link building. Because of increasing link spammers through comments on blogs and forum postings, most websites already include a nofollow tag. Adding a link on a site with nofollow does not help in increasing your…
November 25, 2008

Not all directories can add credibility to your website

When submitting your website to directories, make sure that the directory is credible enough that it may not affect your Google page rank. The top directories that Search Engines trust are: Yahoo! Directory ($299 annual recurring fee) DMOZ (Free, but it takes time to get listed) Business.com BOTW ($99 annual recurring fee or $249 one-time review fee) JoeAnt (one time…
September 2, 2008