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Best Productivity Apps for Salespeople

Admit it or not, but the salespeople are one of the busiest people you’ll ever meet they often end up forgetting or regretting. This applies particularly to the salespeople on the move. Good thing there are some tools to help them. The productivity app category is getting deeper with newer apps cropping up from time to time. And then, there are those stalwarts that make the life easier for these businesspeople.

Best productivity apps

1) Vender

Never Waste Another Lead

Vender is a lead management mobile app that allows users to manage both leads and tasks simultaneously. The app allows you to log all the activities you’ve done for a particular lead, leading to closing the deal. Thus, the app can inform you whether to pursue that lead or not, which makes the app more useful for those salespeople who tend to cling to the lead for all the wrong reasons.


Key features:

– Schedule a task for a specific lead through swiping
– Customize a task
– Log activities to the app for each lead
– In-app communicator
– Sync and backup leads to the cloud
– Access web-based summaries of activities with visuals
– Integrate lead generation to your account

Why Vender is effective for salespeople

When you are drowning on tasks and responsibilities, which will you tackle first? Definitely, the most important ones. But, how will you know which tasks are the most important? Vender helps any salesperson in completing the priorities first. Focus is the key here. Not to mention, it reminds you of the promises you made to a particular lead so you can fulfill them diligently. Now that’s something every and all salesperson need.


– Basic is free
– Premium $4.99 per month



2) Evernote

The workspace for your life’s work

Evernote is a cross-platform, freemium app that acts as a workspace where you can take note, clip articles anywhere on the web, connect with others, collaborate in real-time and present on an as-it-evolve basis. Dubbed as the most widely-used app in the world for getting things done, Evernote had evolved into an app that doesn’t only take and annotate notes. Evernote is now touted as an indispensable collaboration tool that any salesperson can maximize the use of.


Key features:

– Clip from anywhere on the Internet
– Share and discuss through the app
– Sync across computers and mobile devices
– Access notes when offline
– Save emails into the app
– Add passcode lock on mobile devices
– Turn notes into presentations
– Browse note-related contents
– Annotate attached PDFs

Why Evernote is effective for salespeople

With Evernote, the goal of every note taken is completion with which any purpose-driven salesperson like you will understand. What makes it easier to complete a particular task or project is the availability of the important details that you can take whenever and wherever. Handwritten notes? Capture it and save it on the app. Unexpected meeting with an important client? Transform your notes into a slide-like, screen-friendly layout.


– Basic is free
– Plus is $2.99 per month or $24.99 per year
– Premium is $5.99 month or $49.99 per year



3) Wunderlist

To-do list, Reminders, Errands – App of the Year!

Wunderlist is a cloud-based, task management app that can be used for taking notes, adding files, sharing the workload, and delegating other to-dos. Wunderlist also allows delegating sub-tasks. All the related lists or tasks are grouped within the same folder so that the salesperson will not get confused as to which task must be accomplished first.


Key features:

– Add files from images to spreadsheets
– Assign to-dos
– Break down large tasks into actionable to-dos
– Personalize the background
– Sync across all devices
– Allow comments
– Add reminders and due dates
– Update through push, email, and in-app notifications
– Use hashtags to add more context to the to-dos

Why Wunderlist is effective for salespeople

Two of biggest advantages of Wunderlist are its reminder and due date features. Salespeople, just like many of us, may forget schedules considering how full their calendars are. All you’ll need is a notification which the app sends an email message and in-app. Now, no item on your to-do list will be left behind. To make you more empowered, you can group all related lists into a folder and print out what needs to be printed out.


– Basic is free
– Pro is $4.99 per user per month



4) Google Apps for Work

Email, Collaboration Tools and More

Google Apps for Work are used to communicate (Gmail, Hangouts, Calendar, and Google+), store (Drive), collaborate (Docs, Sheets, Forms, Slides, and Sites) and manage (Admin and Vault). According to Google, there are more than 5 million users of its Google apps, and no doubt, some of them are in the sales department like you.


Key features:

– Get a professional email (@yourcompany.com), 30GB of storage, 24/7 support, etc.
– Work anytime, anywhere on any device
– Manage devices and data through business-grade controls

Why Google Apps for Work is effective for salespeople

No salesperson should go about sales-making without a professional email address, and Google is the most trusted provider. Other than that, the biggest advantage would be meeting anyone face to face through Hangout, that is. Regardless of the distance, there is always a way to meet with a person or up to fifteen people. Sharing screens and giving presentations are possible through the app thus, there is no time wasted.


– Free for 30 days
– Google Apps is $5 per user per month
– Google Apps with unlimited storage and Vault is $10 per user per month



5) Pocket

When you find something you want to view later, put it in Pocket.

All salespeople, regardless of their experience, must improve his or her knowledge and reading is one way to do this. Previously called Read It Later, Pocket is a freemium app specifically designed for managing reading lists. The articles are saved in the cloud so users can read it even if they are offline. The app removes all the clutter from the articles for a better reading experience. In 2013, Pocket was included in Time’s 50 best Android apps.


Key features:

– Save from anywhere on the web including apps
– Sync across all devices
– View articles and web pages offline
– Search by title, author, topic, tag or URL
– Sort search results by date or relevance
– Backup of saved articles and web pages
– Suggest tags for quick organization
– View recent searches

Why Pocket is effective for salespeople

Personal and professional development are essential aspects of being a salesperson to increase productivity. With Pocket, you just can browse, skim, scan and save and read the article later when you have spare time. Found something interesting on Twitter? Save it to Pocket and read it later. It saves you time when you don’t have much time to devote to anything other than attending to a client’s needs. And, it maximizes your lull time by empowering your mind.


– Basic is free
– Premium is $4.99 per month or $44.99 per year



6) Headspace

Treat Your Head Right

Headspace is a digital health platform that aims to provide guided sessions and training on meditation and mindfulness, both of which are needed by the salespeople since they deal with a lot of stress daily. Contents are provided on the site and through its app hence are accessible wherever and whenever you are for only 10 minutes per day. Regular practices are rewarded with bonus gifts.


Key features:

– Free mobile app
– Get tools and features such as personalized progress page tracker
– Access to foundation courses from levels 1 to 3
– Access to a selection of two-minute exercises
– Access to one-off 10 to 60 minutes long sessions

Why Headspace is effective for salespeople

With all the things going on in a mind of a salesperson, a quiet time is a must. Headspace is meditation to a new level. And the best part? It only takes 10 minutes of your time. The mindfulness techniques cover health, performance and relationships towards focusing more and training and listening better. You’ll live more, and have less stress and worry. In the next morning, you’ll have all yourself to dedicate to working.


– Monthly plan is $12.95 per month; recurring billing, cancel anytime
– Yearly plan is $7.99 per year; 30-day money back guarantee, recurring billing
– Two-year plan is $6.24 per 24 months; 30-day money back guarantee, recurring billing
– Forever plan is $419.95; one-time payment, 30-day money back guarantee



7) Charlie App

Make a killer impression on anyone you meet with

Sometimes, a sales representative is so busy that he or she often lack the time to look up for information about a would-be client. Charlie App is an iOS app that briefs the user regarding the people and companies that he or she is about to meet with before each calendar appointment. The app combs through hundreds to thousands of online sources and sends you a one-pager about the person you are meeting. Inc. Magazine ranks the app as the #4 Best Tech Tool for Growing a Smart Business in 2015.


Key features:

– Access to full intel on a person, organization or company
– Send the information on the email
– Sync calendars for users with several meetings
– Link emailed Charlie Briefs to the app

Why Charlie App is effective for salespeople

Meetings are foundational towards closing a deal. If you can’t nail a meeting, you won’t be able to close the sale. Unfortunately, not all sales representative goes to a meeting prepared. Charlie App is here to the rescue because it’ll make you prepared in meeting whoever you are going to meet beforehand. You’ll get to know the decision makers before you even meet them, discussing matters that truly matter to them.


– Free to download, 30-day trial
– Pro is $19.99 per month, paid through the iTunes account



8) Unroll.Me

Clean up your inbox

Unroll.Me is an iOS inbox de-cluttering app that allows un-subscribing with ease. That is, the app will organize all your subscriptions into a list. You can simply click the x icon or swipe left to unsubscribe. The remaining subscriptions list is called the Rollup where you can read what you want on the time that is most convenient for you. We, the salespeople, have no time for a messy inbox considering how busy we are. But, of course, there is this yearning to learn more about the sales process and how we can effectively close a deal.


Key features:

– Identify and list email subscriptions
– Get rid of unwanted subscriptions through a click or swipe
– Organize the subscriptions you want to keep
– Categorize the subscriptions in the Rollup

Why Unroll.Me is effective for salespeople

Maintaining an inbox is hard enough. What more if it feels and looks cluttery? At times, it’s only through a subscription that you may access a crucial content. You’d end up drowning on unwanted subscriptions, reading each one of them will only consume the precious time of any salesperson like you. Unroll.Me cleans the inbox and retains only what’s important to you so you can focus on relevant email messages. And yes, it saves time because all your subscriptions are sorted into one email that you can check at a specified time of the day.


– Free



9) Waze

Free Community-based Mapping, Traffic & Navigation App

Navigating our way in the metro from meeting to meeting is such a hassle. Formerly called Freemap, Waze refers to a GPS-based app mainly used for geographical navigation. Waze provides users with turn-by-turn details on the route. It also provides other location-dependent details such as landmarks and travel time. For its developers, it is all about outsmarting traffic, together, and salespeople included.


Key features:

– User-generated content on road info and real-time traffic
– Alert users regarding traffic jams, accidents, and road hazards
– Community-edited maps
– Show gas stations with their respective community-shared gas prices

Why Waze is effective for salespeople

Have you ever been late to a meeting because you can’t find your way, you’re unfamiliar with the name of the place or you are stuck in traffic? It’s the dead end literally with the bad impression it creates to whoever you’re meeting. But with Waze, no salesperson will ever be late or lost. It is a personal heads-up regarding what you might encounter on the road. It’s an improved routing so you can find the easiest way to your destination, saving time in the process.


– Free



10) Uber

Your Ride, On Demand

Uber is a mobile app for submitting a trip request routed to a nearby Uber driver. No salesperson can afford to wait in long taxi queues, so this app is very handy when the need arises. Further, the app handles the fare payment through billing the credit card of the client. A user may rate the driver based on the quality of service he or she receives.


Key features:

– Account can be created using PayPal or credit card
– Display driver info in the app
– Free estimate by keying in the pickup and drop-off locations
– Fare automatically charged to the credit card
– Receipt will be emailed to the client

Why Uber is effective for salespeople

Let me build on the question above. Have you encounter the lamest excuse from a salesperson who set up the meeting initially that he won’t be able to make it because he can’t find a taxi? Believe me, it happens. Uber is the answer. Everyday cars – not taxi cabs – for everyday use. If you need to get somewhere, somehow especially on days full of meetings, then this app can take you to your destination in no time. It’s better and faster this way.


– Free to download



These are just some of the apps that salespeople can make good use of. The apps don’t only improve the productivity of the people but also make their lives easier, more convenient, and less stressful. These people have already too much on their plate so these apps could definitely help.

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