Combining AMP with PWA – What We Need to Know

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Based on what we’ve learned from past attempts at leveraging web apps to make them at par with the native apps, technological limitations are often present. And these limits often affect performance and features. Google found a new way to deliver amazing user experiences (UX) on the web, though, through a progressive web app. What is a progressive web app?…

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5 True Stories That Will Change Your Mobile Strategy

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Every mobile app developer knows so well that an effective strategy brings a desirable outcome. That only means, having a flawed strategy is a risk they should not take. While it is true that creating a good strategy is crucial, anticipating flaws may not be as easy as it is. It’s a critical decision for the developer; they either stay…

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Mobile App Marketing: The Data Trends & Takeaways You Need To Consider in 2015: Part One

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It’s another year to learn new things from the year that was. And many aspects are considered, especially if you are running a business and is very much looking into keeping up with the trends. In this post, I am going to share with you some insights marketers should consider this year particularly on mobile app marketing, citing data trends…

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Mobile Apps are Winning Over Browsers

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For as long as I can remember, smartphones have been invading the mobile industry as innovated, as they seem. Manufacturers of such mobile operating systems like Apple and Android, are very much thriving knowing that the case is being set to a higher standard—especially now that mobile apps are more used by the consumers compared to that of the mobile…

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Understanding Mobile App Indexing by Google

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Just recently, Google announced that it will index more mobile app contents. This means Google will modify how app results are displayed during a search thereby benefiting those who have applications installed on their mobile devices. These app users will see more relevant app contents when they hit ‘search.’ This means huge for the already flourishing mobile app development industry….

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