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Describing Your Teamwork Skills – Here’s What You Should Do

The ability to work in a team is a sought-after skill by a lot of employers. This is especially true for industries that require constant teamwork to accomplish projects. Professionals like

Android developers in the Philippines are among those individuals who often work in a team to build apps for their specific market.

If you’re planning to apply for a particular position, your skills in teamwork will highly boost your overall credibility. This is why you must pay considerable attention to how you word your skills in working with different people.
Today, we’ll look into few helpful tips that you could use to make or enhance your teamwork skills description.

Be specific in the role you’re good at.

In a team, there are leaders and members. Some do best by acting as a lead while others can maximize their skills by following instructions from somebody else. Before giving the details of your leadership skills, it’s important to understand what dynamic you work best.

Are you more comfortable leading a group of people or do you prefer following? Either of the roles is crucial to the success of a team, and it’s important that you understand yourself in this matter. This would also give prospective employers an idea of your compatibility with their job availability.

Make a list of past activities where teamwork became a crucial part of the success and specify your role.

Start with the most current team activity you could remember then moving back. Make a list of the events, the specific activities performed and the role you performed for the completion of the task. It doesn’t have to be activities done in a corporate setup. It could be events outside work where teamwork is necessary.
Occasions such as charity events, church activities and the like could be a good reference. If you’ve been invited to join some huge national conventions, then you could also include it on your list.

Make a list of awards you received while working on a team.

Any awards or recognition could be an important boost in your teamwork skills. Do not hesitate to mention this on your resume including the awarding body which gave it to you.
Employers are likely to trust your claim when you show them proof of your skills. These awards could be those things.

Use relevant keywords wisely when crafting your resume.

Just like marketing any product, the right choice of words could help increase your personal branding. Relevant keywords to teamwork include; partnered, organized, facilitated and more.
Your vast experience in working with different people is highly validated by the amount of exposure you have to various events.

Include volunteer tasks you did that become an important part in the overall success of a project.

Don’t underestimate how volunteer works could bolster your overall credibility. If before employers rely mainly on one’s educational background to decide a person’s competence, now it’s no longer the case. Experience comes with precedence.
The more relevant your experience is, the better. This is exactly why it’s already encouraged by lots of professional experts to get as many experiences even while you’re still at school. This way, you’ll have more references once you go out and join the actual industry workforce.

What makes teamwork so crucial?

In any business, cooperation is imperative. No projects would be successful in the absence of enough skilled people who can perform certain tasks at given deadlines. But finding people is not as easy as randomly picking graduates and assigning them to any position.
Certain requirements need to be satisfied, thus, the list of qualifications.
Setting the specifics of these jobs though, one important factor remains – the need to work with the company under a department with members having varied personalities.
It is a given that members of a team could have varied characteristics. Some can be more active on field while others could be more convenient while working alone. Ultimately though, every member of the company should work together to achieve a specific goal.
Having a strong sense of working in a team is considered as a vital skill set not everyone has. And in our competitive industry at present, being able to work comfortably with different people is considered a plus. In fact, certain jobs make this skill a priority.

Ways to boost your teamwork-related experience

It’s never too late to gain experience. In fact, even seasoned team leaders and professionals holding managerial position continually seek to enhance their skills even more. As an employee, boosting your own competencies in this aspect is a personal responsibility.
For starters, the following activities could help you gain more experience in working with a team.

  • Community outreach programs
  • Church catechism
  • Family or friend outing
  • Non-government organization volunteer work
  • Disaster relief operations

Needless to say, the skills in communicating and open-mindedness are two crucial things that must be present as you work on dealing with different people.

Giving emphasis on teamwork skills during the interviews

The tricky thing about interviews is, you can’t really be one hundred percent sure of what the employers will ask.
The majority of interviews are conducted to get a general feel of an employee, and trained HR personnel asks leading questions that would help determine several important aspects such as work commitment, ethics, attitude and competencies.
Your teamwork skills become the highlight especially if you’re working in an industry that demands you to stay in contact with different people. In fact, many recruitment personnel would specifically ask your background in team management and the like just to make sure you’re fit for the job vacancy.


Your technical skills in a profession are necessary to land a job, but it’s important to keep in mind that with the competitive business arena, employers are starting to find added value for the people they choose to join their team.
Boosting other areas of your professional competencies especially the interpersonal ones are proven to make your more attractive and sought after by companies.
Beef up your resume with your solid teamwork skills and get hired!

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