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How to Write Local Content for Local SEO

It all started with the release of the Pigeon. Sometime on July 24, 2014, Google released a new algorithm that generates useful, relevant and accurate local search results. Before the algorithm, web search and map search would generate different results. But with the release of Pigeon, the results of searching Google and Google Maps are now closely tied to each…
September 14, 2018

10 Tips on How to Generate Writing Ideas When You Have None

It's every writer's dilemma. One day, you realize you've exhausted every topic you can think of and you're out of ideas on what to write for your next blog post. You already tried doing writing tips and worked on approaches, angles, and possibilities of the different subjects you encountered. At the same time, it seems as if everyone in the…
September 7, 2018

How To Effectively Write for the Web This 2018

Writing for the web is not as easy as it looks. Successful and talented writers don't always make it unless they have a solid fan base or a follower count. This is because online platforms work differently and people also elicit different responses when using the web. Algorithms drive the creation of blog posts and other types of content. News…
August 7, 2018
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10 Simple Ways To Improve Content Experience

Content experience is a new term, but it has been around for a long time. People think content marketing only revolves around the "three-pillar system" as Yoav Schwartz illustrates in The Ultimate Guide to Content Experience. He says the system forgets a crucial ingredient, which is also the fourth pillar - experience. Content Experience Explained Experience combined with content comes…
August 6, 2018