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10 New Rules of Content Marketing

2017 has taken its flight along with a new set of equally exciting and challenging marketing trends for digital creators to try on.

Now we see a significant increase in video content consumption along with the drastic decline of people who read long, plain text without accompanying visuals. With the number of content creators online, viewers look for something that would give them something different, new and engaging. Visuals does this job well.

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If you are working in the digital industry such as those SEO Philippines professionals, then the need to be well-versed on the recent online marketing trends is a must. Here are 10 rules you might want to check out this year.

Upgrade and polish your most popular posts

Sometimes, the best content doesn’t have to be something fresh out of the bin. If you look enough on your past posts, you will most definitely see some content that deserves better more than the initial response they got.

What it needs might just be a little bit of tweaking to make it more attractive especially now that readers are more inclined to entertain content with more visual appeal. If you have a 2000-word list post about best tips in taking care of dogs, you can convert this to a single infographic complete with corresponding dog images and other visual treats.

Treat quality and quantity with equal importance

These two have always been in each other’s opposing side for a lot of content creation industries. While some company might focus on providing more content for consistency purposes, there are those who prioritize quality first even it this means minimizing the frequency of providing something new.

This 2017, the new rule says to treat these two equally. As you work on crafting high-quality post for your readers, one has to be mindful of a specific schedule too. By making both work with each other, marketers will eventually find it easier to stick to a schedule while at the same time pry away from the idea of finding perfection. There isn’t any ‘perfect’ content that would satisfy everyone.

You can’t impress everyone so don’t.

Create content based on your ongoing and planned campaigns

One tricky thing about content marketing is that certain level of detachment from the type of post one provides in his or her blog from the actual product or service campaign they’re releasing on their social media accounts.

If you already have a planned campaign, it’s easier and more appropriate to base your content creation from it. Complementing your campaign with a nice blog post is in itself, an efficient marketing strategy.

Engage, engage, engage

If your main focus is posting quality content on a regular basis, then good. But it’s not the best strategy.


You are not making the best out of these posts by simply posting something without doing the necessary social shares. Building solid readers and customers requires consistent engagement. So the next time you publish quality content, make sure to share it on social media too. Needless to say reply to comments too!

Experiment with various content formats

The internet has given content marketers with lots of opportunity to enhance their posts, but it’s strange how we see a number of websites still limiting their materials to plain articles. Of course, there’s nothing wrong with text post and it remains a crucial tool for disseminating information.

However, if you wish your message to stand out, it is no longer enough to settle on what the rest is doing. Rather than focus on always creating text posts, it will work to your advantage to start experimenting with combinations such as providing personally-crafted videos, infographics, posters and slideshow.

Headlines are your real game changers

Post titles can make or break your entire content. It’s something digital marketers know for long yet we still see company websites not investing so much in creating killer headlines that would compel us to click on it and read the full content.


Think about it, without a catching headline, how else can you invite your prospect readers to choose what you offer apart from the rest of the sites that are begging their attention. Remember that people skim through information to see what’s interesting. No matter how good your content is, the title remains your main selling point when pulling their attention.

Stick on a voice. Make it strong and memorable.

This is particularly important in building up a strong brand identity that is not only unique but also relevant to the direct needs of your market. The voice or tone of your content matters a lot because different audience profile has certain differences in their manner of speaking.

For instance, if you are running a blog of Biological Engineering, you’ll have to voice your posts the same way as how experts, students and interested individuals on the field could easily relate to. It’s an entirely different tone when writing for an entertainment website focusing on K-POP.

By having a distinct voice, you increase your chances of visibility online.

Listen to the news

People like trendy things. And how else could you get access to these trends than by listening to news chatters around your locality or the area of your business operation? News is a vital source of relevant and hot information that appeals to your customers and by making it a source of your content plan, you make your brand relevant and timely too.

Identify and get to know your greatest content marketing enemy

It’s the unspoken rule in any competition. To devise a strategy that makes you the best, you ought to know who or what you’re facing against first. Who are your major direct competitors? More importantly, what kind of content marketing strategy are they implementing?

By understanding their methods, you also get to assess your own strategies and see how you can do something better.

Reading works wonders

Whether you believe it or not, reading doesn’t have a substitute when it comes to gaining information. Also, your reading preference isn’t just limited to what you promote. You are free to explore any topics and find ideas or inspiration on the process. For content marketers, relevant sites that could be and excellent source of help materials include:

  • Copyblogger
  • Social Media Examiner
  • Hubspot
  • CoSchedule
  • Problogger

Online marketing is here to stay for years and with the fast updates and new techniques available on social media and other promotional tools, digital content creators need to adapt and keep themselves updated.

Be reminded of these new rules as you redesign your content marketing strategy for 2017!

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