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28 Facebook and Messenger Secrets You Must Totally Know About

Although it was founded on 2004, there are a few secrets, hints and tricks that many Facebook users are unaware of until today. From inbox to chat to Messenger, there are hidden gems that the users deserve to know.

Let’s start with the serious stuff first before we discuss the fun stuff.

[Warning: This post is L-O-O-O-O-N-G!]

facebook secrets

Facebook and Messenger secrets


#1 – See all people you sent friend request to

#2 – Search for friends

#3 – Access your ‘other’ inbox

#4 – Know the status of your messages

#5 – Access Messenger in the browser

#6 – Organize Messenger groups

#7 – View photos easier

#8 – Soup up your photos

#9 – Upload 360 pics and vids

#10 – Send and receive photos and videos or take a picture

#11 – Send and receive documents

#12 – Watch live videos all over the world

#13 – Remove apps you no longer use

#14 – Create a massive post

#15 – Save posts for later

#16 – Curate your own News Feed

#17 – Manage ad preferences

#18 – Log out of Facebook remotely

#19 – Detail your romance

#20 – Say things through an emoticon, emoji or sticker

#21 – Play football

#22 – Download your data

#23 – Log in through your profile picture

#24 – Personalize your URL

#25 – See all upcoming birthdays

#26 – Turn your profile pic into a GIF

#27 – Decide who controls your account after you die

#28 – Send and receive money

Before that, though, here are some more caveats.

  • Some features and functions may not be available on your location.
  • Some features may render differently on iOS and Android devices.
  • Some links may have different names or anchors (i.e. See all on desktop vs. See more on mobile).

It would also be worthy to understand the core functions of Facebook as you will encounter them each time you log in to your account.

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