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Digital Marketing Case Study – Guide to Executing your own Digital Marketing campaign

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Digital Marketing Case Study – Hizon’s Catering How Hizon’s Catering, a local catering company in the Philippines, used the power of digital marketing to improve its sales. Hizon’s Catering generates most of its leads from online campaigns. Majority of the events that Hizon’s Catering caters to are wedding events. This video shows how their target customer engages with their company…

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Beware: Someone posting as MyOptimind to scam job applicants

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Last week, we’ve received reports of people reporting a company claiming to be “MyOptimind BPO”, posting jobs and asking people for money to apply. Please be aware that all official transaction of Optimind Technology Solutions whether sales or HR related course through our official domain Our official addresses and contact nos are as follows: Manila 2nd Flr CTP Building…

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iConcept Global Advertising Inc. steals original Optimind image and concept

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We don’t know how to put this. we were shocked that iConcept stole our background and copied how we did our heading design. We respect and befriend our competitors but this is unacceptable. UPDATE: iConcept Global Advertising, Inc. has apologized about this in their blog the night of November 21, 2012. They have also changed the background of their header…

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Benefits of using a framework in web development

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In the past few months, using frameworks such as CodeIngiter and CakePHP has helped us meet our deadlines and build better web applications. Here are some of the benefits we’ve received by using frameworks: cleaner code easier to distribute programming tasks to different programmers faster development cycle easier to debug presentation can be changed without changing the logic (actual program/process)…

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All about iFrame injections and how to prevent them

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Last weekend, we got a serious case of a client’s website getting an iframe injection. iFrame injections started last year, when a Russian anti-virus company spread a virus that injects hidden frames inside websites to advertise their anti-virus software. Nowadays, iframe injections are being used by SEO companies to forward traffic and leak link juice from a high-PR website. Just…

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Anilao, Batangas Outing

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Our 2-day outing started at 5am last Saturday. Everyone was excited about it that some of us stayed awake since Friday night . Here are some pics from our anilao trip: Our favorite is Jane and Jonathan’s version of Titanic: mang jack and aling rosa on a ship wreck, haha Too bad, Annie, Eric, Jebb and Nancy missed this event!…

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