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21 Tips You Don’t Want to Miss After Website Launch

You have a business. A start-up business, perhaps, and you thought of making that business from an idea you just thought of over the shower and now it’s coming true. Fast-forward, you thought of creating a marketing strategy to make your business the talk-of-the-town. The Internet was one of the best strategies that came to your mind and eventually you launched a website from a prestigious web design company in the Philippines. Next, what now?

You see, launching a website is easy. Well, for some yes it is, given that you have enough funds to launch one and have enough time to think of techniques on how to market your business through that newly launched website. However, doing so does not end there. You have to keep up. And learn more other things to make the website last, just like how anyone deals with a relationship. This time, you are having a relationship with your website.

Or on another note, if you are dealing with a client’s website and should be responsible for monitoring their site since some clients do not really know much about monitoring their own site, then practically there are ways how to improve that.
Here are a few tips on how to monitor your post-launch strategy. Are you ready?

1. Continue writing

Of course, writing makes the website’s essence more meaningful. And by writing relevant articles, you cannot only increase your viral potential but getting the chance of being one is high. Especially if what you have been writing is really sensible and is full of information. You can write about anything that you think contributes to the interests of your readers and your potential clients. Wordplay is also good so you have to keep that up.

2. Update your website design

When your website has already been up and running, there would be times when you will be asking yourself what you can improve about it. And with regard to your website design, you might reckon with updating the design of your website, depending on the feedback that you are getting from your users. You might be thinking of tweaking some features or adding some widgets to it. Nonetheless, do not overdo it. Navigation and readability-wise, improving your website’s design can be helpful not only for you but also for your readers.

3. Web analytics

This should not be taken for granted. It is as important as the fuel that you use for your car to make it work. Web tracking software apps are very much helpful as an analytics tool that provides a measurement of the marketing tactics that best drives traffic or what pages drive sales or campaign goals to your website. Google Analytics is one of the best web analytic tools available to immerse data sets and visualizations offering at zero cost. It also depends upon the comfort of your data analysis, and then you would want to hire experts that you entrust your data with.

4. SEO

The Search Engine Optimization (SEO) craze will never go wrong for you and your website’s progress. It incorporates many different web strategies that aim to grow website traffic, ensure a website is crawlable by search engines and improve search engine placement—to name a few. Make it also to a point to know if your website is being listed in online business directories to make the job easier.

5. Email marketing

E-mails are very much personal. And if you use this method to make your website more noticeable, it would not hurt if you would share this news with your friends, clients, and all those business connections you have met at networking events over the years about your new website. It has a great reach especially if the audience, the message, and the design are right. Encourage your recipients to visit the website, and to share it with others whom they think might find your product or your services valuable.

6. Blogging

Telling a story behind your organization and how you guys have worked out on the business and leading you to create a website to continuously promote your products and/or services. Make it interesting in a way that your readers would not stop from reading it all throughout. You can also share your interests in a way that they will be engaged and will be able to interact with you.

7. Subscriptions

This is a technique where you will be offering your readers a do-not-miss-every-post summary of entries from your website. This would keep them up to date with your posts and would help them track your entries that are relevant to them.

8. Social media

Social media is a very effective tool because this does not only give updates to your readers but will also give them a gist that you are making a very good online presence, which would mean that you can be trusted and that you are very keen on giving so much information to them. You can also use social media such as Twitter and Facebook to promote your website.

9. Brand material update

This would mean making sure that all appropriate brand materials and online platforms undergo a thorough update in order to best take advantage of the energy surrounding the launch of your new website. By taking into consideration that from your website URL in your email to your company social media profile would mean being up-to-date.

10. Google AdWords

Perhaps you can some paid search text and display ads to get traffic instantly. By selecting relevant keywords and making sure that your landing page from each ad group is relevant to the keyword in each campaign. In Google AdWords, you pay per click if you pay per result.

11. Reach out with existing network

Nothing beats the word of mouth. You can always reach out to your networks if you wanted to have your website noticed. Again, email is also necessary.

12. Comment on blogs and add url

Commenting on blogs is also a good idea. You can include the URL of your website to give more references. Just make sure that you are doing it genuinely and without forcing anyone.

13. Guest post on other blogs

Guest posting is an old trick that keeps on going up to now. This is a good idea to acquire more hits and follows but to contribute articles to other blogs and ask for links back to your site.

14. PR agent (if has budget)

If you have enough budget, you may opt to hire a PR agent to help you get media attention.

15. Contact key influencers

Bloggers, social media superstars, and businesses with large e-mail databases can help you increase your shares. If you happen to have celebrity friends and people whom you think can help you increase your website presence, you may ask them to include your website in their content. This may carry a cost but each person and business will be able to tell you the details of working together.

 16. Keyword friendly

Of course, SEO is a very helpful method to increase website hits and shares. Build a list of keywords that you can target and utilize Google Adwords keyword planner to see which keywords get lots of traffic. Scheduling posts can also help to have regularly published articles during the week.

17. Hire ghostwriter

Oftentimes, this can be done especially if you are too busy to write regularly to your blog. One way to have that consistent post is to hire a ghostwriter.

18. Research relevant topics

This is very much of a very common one. Researching relevant topics would mean having a pool of enough topics to be delivered in a week or say, for a month. With this, you would not have the difficulty of finding out more topics to write about because you have enough resources with you.

19. Add interesting contents (photos, videos)

Photos and videos add to what makes good content. You can embed videos that you think would relate to what you are writing about, or just as a reference to make the entry more interesting.

20. Implement an ongoing content plan

Create a content calendar to help keep ahead of updates: banners, blog posts, and more articles to have you track down what was already written or what content should be updated

21. Report and repeat

Never stop reviewing what you are doing. If it is working, then that’s a good thing. Repeat it then. If it is not, you’re going to have to tweak it as necessary. Trial and error are common and you would not know how things would work out if you won’t even try. Just give it a shot.

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